Privacy Policy

This sets out the privacy policy for KCL Digital (08583068). 

KCL Digital provides services that includes resource management for our suppliers and clients, as well as our consultants and candidates. To perform these services we require access to personal data. To support this we act as Data Controller. KCL Digital is only able to act in this way because we have a legal basis for processing personal data in order to deliver our services. We are only able to use personal data in accordance with the terms in this privacy policy as relevant to our business operations. 

We take our Privacy Policy seriously and encourage you to read the details carefully to ensure you are aware of its use when we work with you, how information is collected and its use. Our Privacy Policy was last updated on 10 March 2021 and will be reviewed annually unless otherwise directed. If you have any concerns regarding our Privacy Policy or its use please contact us at You will be directed to our Data Protection Officer or Representative within 3 working days. 

Information We Collect

We may collect data from you on the use of our Website including pages and resources accessed. Our web servers are able to collect technical information including IP address, host and domain names, date and time of visit, and browser details.  The use of this data is to enable us to improve access to our information and how we engage with those interested in our work. This data may also assist us in improving and applying changes to our Site.  

If you are invited to register/sign up to our newsletters or work opportunities, please know that you do this voluntarily. This information may include your name and contact details. Depending on the reason for signing up this may include company or personal data. You may also provide contact information when making general contact with us. 

We may be provided with recommendations to approach candidates and suppliers for the purposes of work opportunities. We will retain this data for the purposes of making contact and refer to our privacy statement during our initial contact with the option to unsubscribe from our services and for data to be deleted that we may hold. 

Use of your Information 

Information that we collect from you is to assist us in undertaking our services to you. 

We may use your information to:

  • send you information at your request, such as work opportunities or information
  • to apply candidate searches on your behalf and represent you to our clients
  • to begin a new registration process
  • to edit a registration you hold with us
  • to respond to a work request or opportunity 
  • to process payments or other accountancy related obligations

If at any time you decide to no longer receive information from us or no longer wish to be registered with us or wish your data to be deleted, please contact us at

Use of Third Parties

We do not pass or use data or information held on this site or at KCL Digital to any external parties unless with prior written agreement, which would be for the purposes for us to conduct and undertake the services we offer to our supplier, client, and consultant partnerships.

KCL Digital promote antifraud and corruption. If we are requested to provide information for audit or legal purposes we will oblige according to the English Law.

If we enter into a working partnership with you, recruitment or consultancy, or are providing you with a service provision in the client or supplier space, we may hold data on the following portals: 

  • Recruitment Database
  • Customer Relationships Management Database
  • Timesheet

This data may include: 

  • name
  • company
  • company status
  • contact details
  • work history 
  • case study details
  • if we have worked together before and the details 
  • references or recommendations
  • uploaded CV and the details within, from interested candidates/consultants
  • uploaded information request from interested suppliers

If order to progress with a registration or placement we may be requested to share the following personal information, we will do so via written consent:

  • health history 
  • disabilities
  • compliance checks, such as providing proof of ID (driving licence, passport)
  • undertaking a DBS check
  • providing next of kin information
  • work history details
  • data of birth
  • gender
  • ethnicity
  • tax and national insurance details 

Your Rights

KCL Digital is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and only collects required information to process personal data for legitimate reasons, in order to work together with our Candidates and Consultants and Suppliers and Clients.  By supplying us with information you consent for us to conduct our work together.

Our data is stored securely, encrypted and is only accessed on a need to know basis. KCL Digital does not currently have a mobile App.

You may be contacted by email from KCL Digital for further information requests, in line with work undertaken with you, as required by statutory regulations. You are able to request access to your information and question how this is administered at any time.

GDPR is guided by consumer rights, and you should request further information to KCL Digital as required at any time by contact

Your rights include:

  • The Right to Information
  • The Right of Access
  • The Right to Rectification
  • The Right to Erasure
  • The Right to Restriction of Processing
  • The Right to Data Portability
  • The right to Object
  • The right to Avoid Automated Decision Making

KCL Digital treats all information and data as confidential and only accesses or uses this information on a need to know basis or in order to undertake our work.

Further Information 

This Privacy Policy will be updated on 10 March 2022. If you require any further information in relation to the privacy policy please contact us at We aim to respond within 3 working days. 

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